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At AMW Tech, we believe in your company’s brand and messaging, where excellence will only do. We take the pain points of online video advertising and make it easy through our expert human knowledge and our advanced technology to achieve clinical results. With our web application you will see the true power of online video advertising.

We are addressing the flaws of online video advertising on platforms such as YouTube where there is often numerous irrelevant consumer views and branded content in some cases can be aligned with illegal content.

Our first product is a video advertising platform concentrating solely on online qualitative targeted views that will lead to happier user engagement and greater return on investment on all video marketing campaigns.

Unlike other platforms, we will firstly be able to protect content from aligning with irrelevant or even illegal content, provide a higher quality of targeted views with detailed live, transparent and reactive data analytics with thorough reports, data insights and increase user enjoyment with content to positively protect and promote brands.


Our focus.

We understand your requirement and provide quality works.
High ROI

We want all our client to have a high return on investment on all campaigns with us.


The data results that we get from all campaigns has to be hitting our clients target audiences.

Brand Protection

All our clients will be protected from being aligned with irrelevant and illegal content.


Our AI is what will drive the reactive side of our data. This will enable our clients to get live insights.


Our team.

We understand what it takes to provide quality work.
Imtiiaz Latib

Technical Lead


Developer Partners


Our work flow.

We understand our clients requirements and customise their campaign however they wish:

Understanding our Clients needs

We place a huge emphasis on our discovery stage. This is our opportunity to really get to grips with what our clients needs our and to develop the best campaigns for them.


Video Marketing

Our clients video marketing done right. We only aim to be hitting all targeted audiences and aligning all advertising with relevant and legal content.



Data Analytics

We know how important data analytics are. So not only do our clients get live and transparent data but it is reactive, meaning our clients get live insights into improving the campaign as it runs. 



Detailed Report

At the end of the campaign, a detailed report with insights will be put together for our clients. This information will be extremely valuable in terms of how their next campaign can succeed even further and how they can better their content.


Why Select Us?

Working with our clients to get the best out of their campaign is what we do.
Campaign Goals

We find out every detail into what our clients are wanting to achieve in their campaign results.

Reactive Data

Our clients have 24/7 access to their live, transparent, reactive data results. Insights being provided right there and then.

Brand Protection

We ensure our clients content is being promoted in all the right places therefore protecting their brand.


Our AI is always working for our clients and how we can get the best out of all campaigns run with us.

Personal Campaign Manager

Every single one of our clients will have their own personal campaign manager who will be the point of call at all times.

Data Reports

We give our clients a data report that they can take back and go over how successful their campaign was with us..

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Our News

We want to share our news with you as and when it happens.
Imtiaaz Latib joins as technical lead
With the CEO, Alexei, having just moved over to California, we are excited to announce that Imtiaaz Latib has joined as our technical lead. We were excited by the vision that Imtiaaz has and…

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We understand your requirement and provide quality works.

+1 (805) 708 2040


Where to find us

You can find us either in Los Angeles, CA or San Fransisco, CA


+1 (805) 708 2040


Where to find us

You can find us either in Los Angeles, CA or San Fransisco, CA